I’m passionate about a lot of things, and health is one of them. In 2010 I decided to do my first Daniel’s Fast (you can read about it here, my focus was biblically based to grow in my relationship with Christ as a fairly new believer, that’s a whole other post), it was the first time I walked into a Traders Joe’s in Rochester, MI. I was told it was a “health food” store so I assumed I could get all the items I needed there. What I didn’t know when completing the Daniel’s fast is that it would begin my health journey and ultimatly lead to where I am now.

I know others who desire to make changes that benefit them long term. I was one of them. What I think others don’t consider a factor is…time. It has taken me almost nine years now to recognize what works best for my body and I am still on my own individual journey.

Through those nine years I have done it all and some things I am not proud of. In those times, I have birthed three children and obsessed over what my body looks like and I determined to change it. That has resulted in unrealistic dietary restrictions which resulted in stress (which actually affects your ability to lose weight) and depression, irritability and all this pressure to look a certain way. It didn’t help that during this time social media platforms were really taking off and everyone seemed to have it all together and it was extremely discouraging and made me feel the need to compare (yes, I know…super unhealthy).

I desire to be a voice for those who are struggling internally about their self-image but because I was still dealing with those internal battles I felt like a hypocrite and that I “shouldn’t try and be a voice when I still felt bad about myself at times. Over time, I have realized that there is always going to be opportunities to feel bad about yourself. It’s a daily fight, in the mind and a continual choice to cast down any thoughts that don’t line up with who Christ says you are.

I’m determined to inspire through experience in hopes to promote transformation, through the Word of God. When I first started this post, all I was going to talk about was Low-Carb Chocolate Chip Scones and here we are…

From now on, my desire is to still share plenty of my photography as I build business in a new market (if you didn’t know we moved, check out my life update on Instagram). I also am going to be wholeheartedly dedicated to helping YOU. Whether its planning your wedding or sharing here about a life experience I had that I’ve learned from that you can relate to or a recipe that encourages you eat a little better than you did before.

Time and time again I interact with others that are going through the similar internal battles or circumstantial disappointments and I desire to voice those struggles in hope to help others through theirs.

Oh, and those scones…AMAZING. Go make them. If you have any questions about the ingredients, reach out. I’d be happy to educate.