When I started Beautiful Exchange Photography my goal was to use my business as a way to give back. To people, organizations and causes that needed help.

Someone anonymously gifted me with my first camera with a note saying “the Lord burdened me to send you this camera, let it not just be a camera but a tool that ushers the supernatural into the natural”

At the time that happened, I was trusting God to do what I couldn’t do on my own. To pursue a passion of mine and to live my life to honor and glorify Him.

The camera was the key. The very thing that would allow me to do just that; to give to others what they don't think they deserve because God gave me what I felt I didn't deserve.

When you choose Beautiful Exchange you are not just purchasing a service, you are contributing to a cause.

I look forward to hearing and sharing YOUR story. Pop in and say HI! anytime via the gram, @bexchange!